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ppPrincipal’s Message

It’s hard to believe that we are now beginning the month of February! We have come a long way since the beginning of the school year and still have a lot of exciting learning activities planned between now and June. Teachers are busy covering the skills that the students need to learn. You as parents can also help at home by reading and practicing math facts with your child every night.

One never truly realizes the impact they have on others or the difference they make in someone’s life. There are so many people at La Fe Prep that have a knack for always helping out others and truly make a difference in so many lives.

We each have the same opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. We just need to make a conscious effort to praise instead of criticize, to love instead of hate, to give instead of receive, to be willing to give of our time to help others, to compromise instead of having to have it our way, to value what truly is important in the big scheme of things in life

Open Enrollment is here!!


Open Enrollment for new students to La Fe Preparatory for the 2017 – 2018 school year is from February 1st – March 31, 2017. Potential new enrollees are asked to stop by the La Fe school office to pick up an application for admission form. You may also download an application via the Enrollment tab!

Parents, please help us get the word out so that the enrollment at La Fe continues to grow!

Parent and Community Advocacy

Dr. Tinajero from UTEP is working with her class to assist parents at La Fe Prep with teaching strategies and ideas for parents to work with their children at home. We are very fortunate to have this activity at our school. The UTEP class meets on Tuesdays from 9:00 – 11:00am. A schedule will be sent to parents so that you can make plans to attend and be a part of these training sessions.

Advice for Parents


Do you remember how excited your children were about math when they were young? Before children start school they often talk about math with curiosity and wonder, but soon after they start school many children decide that math is confusing and scary and they are not a “math person”.


Here are some steps to take to support your child in learning math:

  •  Encourage children to play. Puzzles and games – anything with a dice really – will help kids enjoy math, and develop number sense.
  • Always be encouraging and never tell kids they are wrong. Instead find the logic in their thinking – there is always some logic to what they say.
  •  Never associate math with speed. We now know that forcing kids to work quickly on math is the best way to start math anxiety for children.
  • Perhaps most important of all – encourage a “growth mindset” let students know that they have unlimited math potential and that being good at math is all about working hard.


Consejos para padres

Mother helps son how to use a lap top and internet

¿Recuerda cómo sus hijos estaban de interesados en las matemáticas cuando eran pequeños? Antes de asistir a la escuela, los niños frecuentemente perciben las matemáticas con curiosidad, pero después, muchos comienzan a pensar que las matemáticas son confusas y miedosas. Creen que no son capaces de tener éxito en las matemáticas.

Aquí están algunas ideas para apoyar a su hijo en su aprendizaje de matemáticas:

  • Anime a sus hijos a jugar. Rompecabezas y juegos – cualquier juego que tenga dados-ayudará a que los niños disfruten de las matemáticas y desarrollen el sentido de números.
  • Siempre apoye a sus hijos y nunca les diga que están equivocados. En cambio, intente encontrar la lógica en sus pensamientos; siempre hay algo de lógica en lo que dicen.
  • Nunca se debe asociar las matemáticas con la velocidad. Se ha descubierto que obligar a que los estudiantes trabajen rápidamente es la causa de la ansiedad matemática
  • Lo más importante de todo – motive a tener una “mentalidad de crecimiento” para que sus hijos sepan que tienen un potencial ilimitado y que tener éxito en las matemáticas requiere mucho esfuerzo.





Wednesday, February 15, 2017 | 8:15 to 9:30 @ La Fe Cafeteria

Coffee with

La Fe Parents

Let’s have coffee and conversation about:

  •  Topics of interest for Parent Nights
  • Review your attendance information for Parent Nights


 Miercoles, 15 de Febrero de 2017 | 8:15 a 9:30 en La Fe Cafeteria

Café con los

Padres de La Fe

Tomemos café y conversemos acerca de:

  • Platicas que les gustaria durante la Noche de Padres
  • Revisar su información sobre asistencia en las Noches de Padres


What is planned?  When is it?
February 6 –10  National Counselors Week
February 7 Group Pictures
February 7 UTEP Class for Parents @9:00-11:00am
February 8 Parent Night  Pre-K – 2nd   5:30pm
February 9 Parent Night 3rd – 8th @5:30pm
February 11 Saturday School @9 -12:00pm
February 14 NAEP Testing – 8th Grade

February 14

Valentine's Day – Allowable

February 15

Coffee with Parents at 8:15 – 9:30am

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